Portugal is geographically America’s closest European neighbor. It is the “mother country” of the Portuguese language, which is the most spoken tongue south of the Equator and the fourth most spoken in the world. Currently the nation, which some call the “Florida of Europe” is an exceptionally popular tourist destination due to its mild climate, wealth of beaches, fascinating towns and architecture and relatively low cost of living (not to mention its autonomous Azores (which have drawn favorable comparisons to Hawaii) and sub-tropical Madeira island groups).

At one point, the ancient kingdom of Portugal was one of the world’s most powerful, with a seafaring populace who established colonies all across the earth. In Angola and Brazil, the Portuguese didn’t just settle in select areas, but dispersed throughout the land. To this day, Portuguese is spoken and is reflected in given names and surnames throughout the latter two nations, an unusual thing (in the case of Angola) for an African nation. Yet even though Portugal’s borders now encompass only the nation on Europe’s Iberian peninsula as well as the aforementioned island groups, the land is now enjoying perhaps its greatest surge of tourism to date, given the reasons listed earlier on this page.

Then again, there are concerns. Portugal has been, in recent decades, the poorest nation in western Europe. Tourists in years past to Porto, the nation’s largest city and an emerging destination for art and culinary patrons worldwide, can recall seeing naked children playing in the streets. (It should be noted that Portugal has organizations taking a lead in the Portuguese speaking world in terms of dealing with the painful subject of child abuse of BOTH sexes.) The Iberian peninsula has a significant reputation as a hotbed of prostitution in Europe, albeit a secondary one to Germany and the Netherlands. In Portugal (which is also gaining a reputation as a producer of pornographic films), this debate is becoming ever more heated in regard to the role that the government should take in regulating and profiting from said acts.

A-B-P Ministries is abolitionist. No little girl ever dreams of growing up to become a prostitute, with all that line of work encompasses. We are committed to being a news resource for those concerned with this ongoing issue in Portugal, as well as being helpful for those who are trying to escape all that comes with sexual brokenness and a hypersexualized culture.