As much of the world learned during the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2014 World Cup, there is no other place quite like Brazil.

It is a nation unparalleled in natural blessings. Its Amazon forest is the largest jungle in the world. The nation literally holds thousands of species of birds, fish and other wildlife, many endemic. It has vast deposits of minerals such as iron ore (with a mine near Carajas which is the largest in the world), gemstones and billions of barrels of oil reserves alongside trillions of cubic feet of natural gas. And the nation has an agricultural bounty like none other, being historically the largest producer of coffee, citrus, sugar and cattle in the world.

Yet the natural resources pale in comparison to Brazil’s people. The nation has a wide number of indigenous people groups. It has more persons who have African lineage than any other nation on earth save Nigeria. It has more Japanese than any country outside Japan. It has more people of Syrian and Lebanese descent than the home nations of those groups. And it has a huge number of people who trace their ancestry back to Europe, from a variety of nations there. All speaking Portuguese, with most having Portuguese names. This incredible mix of people has helped Brazil to have the ninth largest economy on the globe, making an impact not only on commerce, but also diverse other contributions such as art and sports.

Unfortunately, the same vibrant and sensual Brazilian culture has led to a different, darker side. Brazil’s thousands of miles of beaches, rivers and natural beauty have attracted a large amount of “sexual tourists”. The BBC once said that Brazil was set to overtake Thailand as the world’s destination for sexual predators of children. Other sources say that the nation is (a distant) second to the United States in terms of pornographic material produced. A vast amount of the populace still is impoverished, leading to a great deal of prostitution throughout the nation.

A-B-P Ministries is dedicated to fighting these problems in Brazil, and helping be a resource, online or otherwise, to help rescue people out of them, as long as we are in existence. We’re also dedicated to providing any other ministry fighting these causes to help spread their message as far as necessary to bring people out of darkness and into the Eternal Kingdom of Jesus Christ.