Founded: July 2012
Incorporated (as A-B-P Ministries) into a 501c3 non-profit: November 2017
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Before you read any further, please take one more look at the beautiful skylines of Lisbon, Portugal; Luanda, Angola and São Paulo, Brazil – the largest cities of the nations we serve.

Then mark this: it is highly likely, if not a certainty, that throughout these photographs are men and women who have been reached by our online efforts, and there will continue to be more. For A-B-P Ministries, these are our mission fields. A-B-P is the “umbrella” for four “cyber” and social media based ministries: Pornografia Destrói, Ouro Refinado, Ministérios A-B-P and homens de Deus. Together they reach thousands of Angolan, Brazilian and Portuguese web viewers per week.

A-B-P Ministries - Ministérios A-B-P

Our primary purpose, manifested in the Pornografia Destrói web site, is to fight pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, sexual addiction and the hypersexualized culture in the countries of Angola, Brazil and Portugal, three deeply-interrelated nations arranged in an almost perfect triangular shape across three continents separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Each is ever-modernizing with increasing internet access both in-country and amongst each other. We are working to be a comprehensive online resource for those waging this battle in the aforementioned countries, as well as the rest of the Portuguese-speaking world. (Portuguese is the most spoken language south of the Equator, the third most spoken in the western hemisphere and the sixth most spoken in the world.)

We are Bible-believing and Christ-following, and are abolitionist (knowing that prostitution and addiction are slavery that no child ever dreams of experiencing, even as we know that those who leave these situations will likely need intensive, prayerful help in their new identities away from slavery) and counter-revolutionary (against our modern culture, knowing that the so-called “sexual revolution” which normalized or cleared the path toward normalcy and cultural acceptance if not outright encouragement of behavior that would lead untold numbers of people and families to suffering and even death). When multitudes of families are broken down by sin, the culture and nation which they inhabit will eventually mirror their demise.

A-B-P Ministries, through Pornografia Destrói, works to bring people in the Lusophonic world awareness not only of daily news updates connected to the subjects above but also of awareness of those who have overcome these trials. We also continue to work to provide any type of resource available for those in the above nations to both escape this bondage and to lead them to a relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and to strengthen men and women to protect their families and stand for what is virtuous.

Pornografia Destrói has a nationwide reach in Angola, Brazil and Portugal:

• In Angola we receive web traffic of hundreds of people per month (with a peak of over 2,000 viewers in August 2017) from 16 of the 18 Angolan provinces, with an approximate 10% rate of recurring visitors. Most of the ministry’s web site traffic as well as Twitter followers are from the capital and largest city of Luanda. On Facebook, our single largest group of followers from any city worldwide are in Luanda; the city also has more Twitter followers of our ministries than any other in the Old World.

Brazil, which this ministry has been focused on since 2012, sends thousands of visitors to the web site every month. People from all 26 of Brazil’s states plus the Federal (capital) District see the Pornografia Destrói site on a monthly basis, with approximately 9% of the audience being multi-time viewers. Each of the 26 states and the Federal District send repeat traffic to the web site. There are also thousands of Brazilians following the ministry Twitter feeds hailing from all of the aforementioned locations.

• In Portugal (which, like Angola, became an equal focus of this ministry in 2016) all 18 districts of the nation in addition to the autonomous Azores and Madeira island groups send traffic to the ministry site with a visitor return rate of 6%. Our Portuguese social media followers, mainly on Twitter, are from a variety of locations.

Our work doesn’t stop there:

• Our Twitter ministry Ouro Refinado is a daily walk through the Bible book of Revelation as well as Bible prophecy about the eternal Kingdom under Jesus Christ.

• In addition, the social media-based A-B-P Ministries (Portuguese and English) feeds feature images from Angola, Brazil and Portugal and the people thereof, showing the fascinating beauty of those three countries while promoting Christian causes both within and worldwide.

• Meanwhile, our newest ministry homens de Deus is a celebration of men of courage and purity, and is meant to be a resource to help men become spiritually stronger.

These, likewise, have a significant reach: the combined A-B-P Portuguese/English, homens de Deus and Ouro Refinado Twitter feeds average nearly 110,000 “Tweet” exposures per month. When the Pornografia Destrói Twitter numbers are added, the five currently average nearly 1.5 million cumulative annual exposures…all of this, including the web site traffic, without any sort of advertising or marketing campaigns at this point in time.

The Portuguese words on our logo translate to “loving”, “blessing” and “perfection”. (The gerund “-ing” form of the infinitive word “to perfect” does not begin with a “p”.) We love the nations we serve, and are working with God’s help to bless them. He does the “perfecting” for those who choose Him. We want to see people from throughout those countries give their lives to Jesus, forever!

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” – Matthew 5:8

(The source numbers for the web and social media traffic are from Google Analytics and direct Twitter statistics. Photographs and graphics from Adobe Stock Images.)