A-B-P Ministries is the “umbrella” ministry for the eponymous (in Portuguese) ministry Ministérios A-B-P as well as Ouro Refinado and our “flagship”, Pornografia Destrói.

A-B-P Ministries - Ministérios A-B-P

Our primary mission, manifested in the Pornografia Destrói web site, is to fight pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, sexual addiction and the hypersexualized culture in the nations of Angola, Brazil, and Portugal, three deeply-interrelated nations arranged in an almost perfect triangular shape across three continents separated by the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the rest of the Portuguese-speaking world.

We are Bible-believing and Christ-following, and are abolitionist (knowing that prostitution and addiction are slavery that no child ever dreams of experiencing, even as we know that those who leave these situations will likely need intensive, prayerful help in their new identities away from slavery) and counter-revolutionary (against our modern culture, knowing that the so-called “sexual revolution” which normalized or cleared the path toward normalcy and cultural acceptance if not outright encouragement of behavior that would lead untold numbers of people to suffering and even death).

A-B-P Ministries, through Pornografia Destrói, works to bring people in the Lusophonic world awareness not only of daily news updates connected to the subjects above but also of awareness of those who have overcome these trials. We also continue to work to provide any type of resource available for those in the above nations to both escape this bondage and to lead them to a relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Our ministries don’t stop there. Our ministry Ouro Refinado is a daily walk through the book of Revelation as well as Bible prophecy about the eternal Kingdom under Jesus Christ. In addition, the A-B-P Ministries own Twitter and Facebook feeds feature images from Angola, Brazil and Portugal and the people thereof, showing the fascinating beauty of those three nations.

We love the nations we serve. And we want to see people from throughout those countries give their lives to Jesus, forever.